Why is it Not Wise to use a Free VPN? The Top Problems

Virtual Private Network or VPN has been found to be one of the leading solutions to ensure safety and privacy on the internet. Nobody gets to know your real location, your ISP cannot snoop on you and the hackers and cyber criminals are also kept at bay.

And to add icing on the cake, many providers are also offering their VPNs for free. Sounds amazing, right? For those who might be interested there are a lot of helpful info on the one of the relevant sources – Anta.net, here you can get exhaustive information about secure VPN service.

Not at all! Something which requires so many technologies and cost money cannot be offered for free. There has to be some catch or compromise that the VPN provider is making; otherwise, they are cheating you completely with false claims!

Threat of using a Free VPN Service

Your information is never secure when you are using any service for free, especially free VPNs.

All VPNs need to track some data but the reliable ones do not keep any logs which eliminate the risk of handing them over to third parties. But a free VPN service is more likely to keep logs and track information like your IP address with timestamps, duration of use, websites visited and so on.

Such a vast pool of data can be really unsafe in the hands of the wrong people.

Why Should You Never Use a Free VPN?

If you’re looking for security and the ability to have a check on prying eyes, a free VPN is never the way to go. At best, they only allow you to change your IP and nothing else.

Nagging Ads

The free VPN service needs to make money to pay for their servers. They do it generally by tracking your online activities and selling them to third parties for advertising purposes which can even compromise your anonymity.

Besides, this goes against the whole point of using a VPN and also makes the experience less pleasurable with constant ads.

Weak or No Encryption

Reliable VPN providers use strong encryptions which prevent any third party from snooping on your data or tracking your online activities.

Such encryptions require investment and the free VPN services are certainly not going to make much effort as they offer their service without any charges.

So your data is always vulnerable to tracking and cyber attacks.

Unsatisfactory Performance

People jump to anything free and it is the same case with free VPN services even if they are ineffective.

Because they have so many users it is normal for the servers to get overburdened and lack in speed. The free VPN providers will also limit the bandwidth you can use and have a monthly cap on data usage.

It is not possible to find a free VPN that doesn’t throttle bandwidth speeds or puts a limit on usage.

Lack of Features

Paid VPN services come with important and useful features like malware scanners, DNS leak protection, auto-kill function, and others which optimize your safety and browsing experience.

You will not find any such features when you are going for a free VPN.

So always go for a paid VPN service if you want to stay safe online!

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